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Climate Change and Responsible Tourism

Global warming is of increasing concern, and Surtrek Tour Operator is proud to offer its clients the opportunity to Carbon Offset their trip to Ecuador.
Your journey to this beautiful country will have an environmental impact, from the flight arriving to your road tours, and by helping us support local reforestation and development activities, your trip will support a cleaner future for Ecuador.

Climate Change and Responsible Tourism

. Surtrek goes Carbon Neutral

The effects of climate change can already be seen now. Temperatures are increasing, glaciers are receding as whole chunks of the Antarctic ice shelf are breaking off, warmer seasons are becoming longer, and storms are becoming more severe and causing more and more damage.

Travel is one of the polluters and generators of carbon dioxide and airplane travel in particular is a principle contributor of greenhouse gases.
Therefore Surtrek Tour Operator wishes to offset the pollution produced during these travels by supporting extensive reforestation.

By neutralizing the carbon emissions caused by your travel allows you to become part of the solution to climate change by supporting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions equal to your carbon emissions. Your trip will be carbon neutral through Surtrek’s purchase of native trees for reforestation.
This activity, over time, will help remove carbon dioxide from the air, and thus contribute to the cleaning of our atmosphere.

Surtrek supports reforestation projects in Ecuador organized by the Vital foundation that “sequesters” or removes, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Reforestation projects capture CO2 and store it in the trees’ mass and in the soil and thus play a vital role in absorbing emissions.

Tropical forests are one of the planet’s most threatened ecosystems. In Partnership with Surtrek, the Foundation Vital is restoring abandoned pastures to native forest that will offset carbon dioxide. The newly restored areas will also form habitats for wildlife, while providing jobs and eco-tourism opportunities for the local population and help restore watersheds.

Together, Foundation Vital and Surtrek Tour Operator wish to support Ecuador on its way to become the worlds leading eco-tourism destination.

. Reforestation Activities

All our reforestation activities are carried out in areas where deforestation of native forests has been prevalent. The trees we plant are not prized hard woods or timber woods that could potentially be felled in ten years, but native species found in the area that have as a primary function the provision of habitat for bird life and animals. We will also provide fruit tree species for the farming families that participate in order to help their food security.

. Native tree nurseries

We source all our trees through local organizations and community run tree nurseries, some of which are in remote locations, where work is scarce. This way we help provide local farming communities with extra work and income by buying their trees on a contractual basis and at a good price; we wish to stimulate these activities and help provide employment in the countryside to reduce city migration.

Climate Change and Responsible Tourism2

. Development projects

A percentage of each tree purchase will contribute to our development fund, a fund created to help some of the poorer rural communities in Ecuador. We finance community projects such as:

. Biogas units for cooking, using methane from animal manure
. Using recycled plastic tubing for heating shower water
. Agro forestry and organic agriculture practices for healthier living, and a cleaner environment
. Environmental education programs involving reforestation with local and city children

Together, Reforest Ecuador and Surtrek Tour Operator wish to position Ecuador as the worlds leading eco-tourism destination.

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